Wyoming In Spring

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I never would have expected to have such a deep love for this place. My husband and I spent a few days driving through Yellowstone this past spring.  Coming from a long, cold, and gray city winter it felt like entering into a  new world. Bison roamed the hills and rams made their way over grasslands, heads down, constantly grazing. We stopped on the side of the road and watched a black bear and her cubs climb over dead, fallen trees. Ice caps took their time melting away into the river gorge.

The pace of life was slow. There was no hurry to get somewhere, no traffic to slow us down (other than the occasional bison blocking the road, but I’ll take that over a slow-moving city bus any day), no agenda, no pressure. The air was crisp, almost like fall. At night we could hear the howl of coyotes instead of the rumble of trucks driving past our home.

City life can take its toll. There are benefits for sure…but oftentimes the pros seem to eventually turn into cons. I find myself sorting through these photos and wishing I could walk outside and see the mountains we left behind in Wyoming. But I also wonder…would I eventually be lonely? Have I lived in the city too long? Wouldn’t I miss my neighborhood with the kids playing basketball down the street and the people who address strangers as “Sweetie”?


But those mountains keep tugging at my heart.



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