A Fond Farewell



This week has been particularly challenging for me. One of my very dearest friends is moving and I feel such heartbreak at the reality of not seeing her every week. We lived here in Pittsburgh together as roommates for 5 years until May, when I got married. Jen has seen me through some of the most challenging and most joyful times in my life. When I got my third round of kidney stones a month before my wedding, Jen was faithfully by my side the whole time. She took me to the hospital in the middle of the night, held my hand as the pain escalated, talked to doctors for me, held a few buckets for me while I got sick, walked my weak and pathetic body around the hospital to get exercise, slept in the uncomfortable chair so that I wouldn’t be alone, bought me magazines to keep my mind occupied, skipped class to stay home and help me handle the pain, and even sang me hymns when the pain meds just wouldn’t work. She then stood by my side and celebrated with me as I married the love of my life. Her friendship is a treasure I don’t deserve. It makes me think about how wonderful it is to love others, how its such a gift to feel sorrow over a friends moving because it means that God has given me something so wonderful and worth treasuring, even to the point of tears.


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