Happy Holidays












Oh, the holidays…all the traveling, planning, shopping, eating, wrapping, baking, eating, decorating, eating…yes, mainly lots of eating. Its that wonderful time of year when all the joys and mishaps in the film “Christmas Vacation” become your reality, as my husband and I experienced while we were setting up our christmas tree; sap was everywhere and stuck to everything, I bought the wrong tree lights, and the star wouldn’t stay on top of the tree.

We traveled to New York to spend Christmas with Tyson’s family. Our nieces told us practically every ten minutes that Santa Claus was coming and explained in detail the kinds of toys they were expecting. On Christmas morning they devoured their presents in a matter of minutes which really felt like seconds. And I remember thinking that when I was a child time seemed to stand still Christmas morning; the joy of opening gift after gift felt endless. Or perhaps thats because my younger brother would slowly open his presents and then insist on playing with each one before moving on to the next. Maddening.

Tyson and I then spent a day visiting his childhood friends and eating at his favorite spots around town. We loaded up on candy (swedish fish and pretzel M&M’s) and took a drive around the country roads. We talked about whether we would be able to live someday out in the country and what kind of house we would want to live in.

We didn’t take the holidays too seriously this year, and I’m glad for it. Decorations were minimal and baking was pretty much non existent. Presents were bought of course, but only in front of a computer screen instead of packed stores. We are filling our nights with fires in the fire place and warm cups of tea and an occasional World War II film or nature documentary about wolves. It suits us.


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