Back In The Saddle







It was a high of 9 degrees today in Pittsburgh. But the windchill made it feel like -5.


I came home from work and our heat wasn’t working. We are “roughing it out” with our space heater and piles of blankets. Our bedroom is pretty much in the attic of our apartment building so it tends to stay pretty warm as it is. We’ve just made ourselves cozy in our room which feels kind of special, the way making a fort does when you’re little. You do the same things you would normally do, like read or play a game, but doing it inside the fort makes it feel kind of magical. Its not necessarily magical laying in bed with a million blankets and doubling up on sweaters but the fact that its out of the ordinary makes it kind of fun.

I’ve been working on editing a lot of photos, trying to get my hand back in photography, and as I was looking through my photos from the past year I realized most of them were taken from my phone. The quality isn’t terrible for a phone but there is definitely something lost in the process. The only true “photographs” I took this year were from our honeymoon in Wyoming. So I’m mainly working from those and our wedding photos (which I plan on posting soon) in order to build up my editing skills. I avoided learning photoshop because I was a die-hard film lover. Nothing, in my mind, could compare to the darkroom. Physically moving your photograph from chemical bath to chemical bath and seeing the image slowly appear was such an exciting (and sometimes disappointing) moment. Then I found out about VSCO. VSCO film is a magical company that has probably salvaged my love for film photography AND instilled in me a new found appreciation (okay, addiction) for digital photography. Eureka! They basically create editing presets that emulate film (and they also have a simple app for taking photos on your phone. No, I’m not being paid for this.). I’m completely in heaven. All I can think about now is getting back into photography.

I should point out that my husband has been boosting my confidence in this venture and has really done everything to support it. From day one he assured me that I’ve got what it takes to do this and that the skills I have yet to master, he is more than willing to help me learn (he won’t admit it but let me tell you, the man is a genius when it comes to cameras and film). He bought me a professional camera, helped me turn part of our bedroom into an office space, and gets excited with me when I finally get that perfect shot. And I’m glad to be doing this together, as a team. We learned that we work well together when he helped me shoot a friends wedding while we were dating and I’m excited for even more opportunities to grow together in our work now that we are married.

So here’s to late night writings and photo edit-ings and working space heaters and the joy of rekindling a long lost artistic love.

And apparently the word “magical’.


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