Winter Blues



Pittsburgh in the winter is not exactly easy. I love this city, I love the hills, I love the rivers, I love the different neighborhoods, and the ‘can-do’ spirit of the people who are born and raised here. But let me say it right now, I do NOT love the winters here. Its long, its cold, and its dark. Its hard not to get a little crazy.

The only way to get through it is to embrace it, to get yourself outside, no matter the temperature and try to find something beautiful. It snows most days, never truly sticking to the ground, but it can make the days seem a little more magical.

But recently, with the polar vortex, its made things extra dramatic. And while I’m still working as a nanny, it changes our routines and even the poor little boy is getting restless without our usual afternoon walks. And we most likely have 2-3 more months of this (hopefully without the polar vortex part). So its been challenging. But today came a little ray of hope, mainly because it was freezing (4 degrees) but SUNNY! And I think my cold weather threshold is growing (this I calculated by walking a block without mittens on to see if I could handle it).

So I am doing my best to bear this winter, to let it toughen me up a bit and turn me into a true western Pennsylvanian.

Stay warm.


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