Wearing This//Going Here

wtgh3Tyson came home from South Africa this weekend and I am a happy girl. Plus I got presents. I was a little envious of his sun tan and the fact that he got to spend a couple weeks in weather above 30 degrees though. So now I am day dreaming about going to Cape Town and soaking in the sun, anyone with me? Not to mention the fact that I am more than ready to break out the sandals and tank tops and put away my winter boots. Here’s to dreaming…

To Wear// 1. Chiffon Tank 2. JCrew Tote 3. Madewell Clogs 4. Gold Geometric Ring

Destination// Cape Town, South Africa


Upward Over The Mountain









Today was warm and rainy. It felt familiar. The skies were their usual grey, and snow is still on the ground outside, but hearing rain on the windows today was refreshing; it was something I am used to and for whatever reason it helped to still me today. I had some sweet moments with the little boy I take care of; he counted something for the first time, which doesn’t seem very significant but everything at his age has a sense of magic to it.

I came home and opened the windows in our bedroom. I could hear children in the neighborhood crossing the street to play at the playground. I put on Iron and Wine (especially this one) and let it repeat for hours while I cooked and cleaned and called my Opa (german for “grandfather”) to wish him a happy birthday. We talked about fishing and his upcoming trip to Atlantic City. Then I read for a little bit. I’m reading The Goldfinch, along with everyone else right now. Its with good reason that we all keep hearing about people reading this book; its an incredibly beautiful work of fiction, with sentences like, “He was a planet without an atmosphere.” Bravo, Donna Tartt, bravo.

Don’t you sometimes love small, quiet moments by yourself?


Two Years


Today is the two year mark that my husband and I have been together. Two years ago he asked me to be his girlfriend and thats what started everything else. Its been an incredibly fun and fast two years together. Within that time we’ve dated, been engaged, gotten married, and been married for 10 months. Its hasn’t been that long at all but the more time that we are together the more I am excited for what the rest of our lives hold. I remember the first time holding his hand and feeling all of those butterflies. I still get that excited feeling except that now its coupled with the comforting thought that this man has become my home. I can’t wait for many more years to come.



Pottery Picks

pp1I love ceramics. I love turning a mound of clay into something uniquely beautiful. Its such a delicate process; making sure to kneed all of the air bubbles out, carefully sculpting the shape and form, choosing the right glaze, and of course the waiting between each firing hoping and praying no cracks form while the makeup of the material changes in the fire. While I haven’t been on a wheel in way too long, I’ve been eyeing some beautiful pieces that are incredibly inspiring.

1. Bowl by Suite One Studio 2. Vessel by Vanessa Bullick Ceramics 3. Gold Lip Platter 4. Serving Bowl by Clam Lab



Wearing This//Going Here


I’m not big into Valentine’s day and I’ve never really gone out of my way to wear anything pink or red or glittery on February 14th. But thats not to say that I won’t use it as an excuse to go out and get dressed up.  This year while our husbands are off traveling the world my good friend Kira (who happens to live right downstairs) and I are going to see the Pittsburgh Ballet perform Swan Lake along with the orchestra. I am beyond excited. I went through a ballet kick a few years ago, taking classes at the ballet theater. I loved it even though I had absolutely no grace or coordination. Since then I have a newfound respect and admiration for dancers and the incredible things they can accomplish; its pure beauty.

I put together a bit of an ideal wardrobe for going to see the ballet. The only item I actually own here is the Essie nail polish (currently wearing it) and I thought it might be a little refreshing to see something other than a pink or red polish. I especially love that gold bangle which has the words “Heart of Gold” inscribed on it, channeling Neil Young, one of my husbands favorite musicians (we had our first dance to Harvest Moon). So thats about as romantic as I get with Valentine’s day. But I hope if you celebrate it you are enjoying it with the people you love.

Can’t wait to admire all the ballerinas who can nail those pirouettes in a way I never could…


To Wear// 1. Tweed coat 2. Snake Heel Shoe 3. Bangle 4. Essie polish- Stylenomics 5. Mittens
Destination// Pittsburgh Ballet



“Who Kissed You?” “The Lord, Mama.”


I don’t know about you but when I’m sick I watch an insane amount of Gilmore Girls. Its comforting, the back and forth banter between Lorelei and Rory. I wish I could be as hilarious and witty as they are but instead can only relate to Lorelei’s love for a man in a baseball hat.

Anyway, being sick and stuck at home can be pretty dull (thus the copious amounts of Gilmore Girls) so I’ve compiled a list of things that, if you’re stuck at home on the couch in your PJ’s, whether sick or enjoying a snow day, here’s what you should browse.

why there can never be too many holocaust and WWII films

beautiful, and rough around the edges, ceramics

love is awesome. and painful. 

the daily life of an artist

crossed this, this, this, and this off my ‘to watch’ list

she’s living the dream

a sweet and simple wedding in Namibia

p.s. you can grab a copy, to rent or own, of Blood Brother (the documentary my husband worked on) here! do it do it do it


Ice, Ice, Baby













Today I walked down to the point. Its called that because its where the three rivers in Pittsburgh come to, well, a point. I’ve noticed ice forming there and seagulls gathering in groups to keep warm on top of the ice. There were a handful of other people there; someone feeding the seagulls, and a photographer taking photos of a poor woman in shorts. Hearing the gulls made it feel oddly like summer. It felt good to walk across the frozen ground, hearing the ice break and crunch beneath my feet; the air was still and quiet as the snow was falling and everything felt peaceful and calm.

My husband is in India, where it is warm and colorful. I wish I could get in on that truthfully, but walking to the river today, feeling solitary and peaceful was so refreshing. I missed my husband and thought about him while I was walking around. There is something nice about that though, about being able to miss someone and think about them, not in a way that makes you feel lonely but in a way that reminds you of how loved you are and how much you love that person.