Wearing This//Going Here


I’m not big into Valentine’s day and I’ve never really gone out of my way to wear anything pink or red or glittery on February 14th. But thats not to say that I won’t use it as an excuse to go out and get dressed up.  This year while our husbands are off traveling the world my good friend Kira (who happens to live right downstairs) and I are going to see the Pittsburgh Ballet perform Swan Lake along with the orchestra. I am beyond excited. I went through a ballet kick a few years ago, taking classes at the ballet theater. I loved it even though I had absolutely no grace or coordination. Since then I have a newfound respect and admiration for dancers and the incredible things they can accomplish; its pure beauty.

I put together a bit of an ideal wardrobe for going to see the ballet. The only item I actually own here is the Essie nail polish (currently wearing it) and I thought it might be a little refreshing to see something other than a pink or red polish. I especially love that gold bangle which has the words “Heart of Gold” inscribed on it, channeling Neil Young, one of my husbands favorite musicians (we had our first dance to Harvest Moon). So thats about as romantic as I get with Valentine’s day. But I hope if you celebrate it you are enjoying it with the people you love.

Can’t wait to admire all the ballerinas who can nail those pirouettes in a way I never could…


To Wear// 1. Tweed coat 2. Snake Heel Shoe 3. Bangle 4. Essie polish- Stylenomics 5. Mittens
Destination// Pittsburgh Ballet



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