Film Posters//Oscars


I love film posters. They attempt to capture a whole story within one image and draw enough attention to make you want to watch the film. I love these versions for popular films. They could stand alone and still be powerful.

Speaking of films, did anyone watch the Oscars? I’m hoping to catch clips of it online tomorrow since we don’t have television. I did however see a few looks from the red carpet and can I just say…LUPITA. Girlfriend doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to fashion. Or acting. Tyson and I watched ’12 Years A Slave’ last night and both agreed that the best part of that film was hands down her performance. Wow.

I haven’t seen all of the films nominated for Best Picture but I LOVED ‘Her’. I couldn’t get it out of my head after leaving the theater. Everything from the color palette (blush pinks and pastel oranges, dreamy) to the hauntingly perfect music left me feeling dizzy with thought. Beautiful. I think what really got me though were the characters themselves. They captured a brilliant mix of relatable humor and melancholy. I stumbled upon more alternative movie posters for the film, take a look.


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