Etcetera Etcetera


Sorry for the blatant self portrait here. Some posts just don’t have corresponding images and so you use leftovers from your updated profile image. So, there you have it.

This week I got to work on a commercial shoot with my husband. I was in charge of wardrobe which meant that I got to shop at the Gap and not care how much the total was (and let me just tell you, it was $$$). So we loaded up the car with camera equipment and my giant bag of Gap goodies and one ironing board and headed to Cleveland. I joined the pre-production meeting to go over the clothing options and let the clients choose their favorite and did my best to pretend to know what I’m doing (realistically…I do, its clothes after all, not brain surgery). Tip: If you want to sound like you know what you’re doing say things like “navy blue” and “hunter green”…way more impressive than “blue” and “green”.

We then went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant that served things like calf heart. I kid you not. I wish I could say, “Don’t worry, nobody ordered that” but that would be a lie. I also wish I could tell you that “Although Pig Ears were on the menu, nobody order those either” but that, also, would be a lie. I had a nice, safe, meal of scallops and a Shirley Temple because I’m basically still 10.

We crashed at the hotel and had a terrible night’s sleep which was due to a lounge located conveniently next to the hotel…because what better location for loud music and crowds of people? We woke up and drearily got ready and packed our bags. Tyson loaded up all the gear, I stuck an iron in my purse, and then we waltzed out of the hotel at 6:30am like rockstars.

My role was minimal, I gave the actor the chosen shirt, rolled up the sleeves for him and then sat/stood around, watching my husband work with hearts in my eyes like a cartoon character. I mainly tried to stay out of people’s way and then tried to guess what everyone’s job title was. There was one guy who basically walked behind the director of photography the whole time to make sure he didn’t bump into anything. He was very professional about it. I think if it were me I would be tempted to let him walk into something every once in a while, for humor’s sake. Apparently his job title is ‘best boy’ which sounds fun. If you’re a girl though I wonder if it changes to ‘best girl’? That makes it sound more like a role in a wedding. It was fun getting to feel like a part of that world for a little bit though. I feel I have a much better understanding of what my husband does now and how hard he works. I was pretty amazed at all of the responsibility he has and all of the skill it requires. Shameless bragging: done.

Anyway, I had a blast and wouldn’t mind buying clothes for a living…just sayin’.


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