Now, I’m not so naive to think that we are done with snow. I’ve been around the block a few times and have learned to stop expecting snow in May. Sad, but very true. BUT! We have had a few days above 60 degrees and darn it if I’m not allowed to start hoping for spring. I can hardly wait to break out the sandals and short sleeve shirts! I have my eye on some Birkenstocks (left over christmas gift cards for the win) and have already snagged that JCrew ball cap when it was on major sale. I’m trying to work more color into my wardrobe but old habits die hard…I just can’t get away from the grayscale. At least I managed to get some blues into this roundup. Moving into spring is always awkward though…one day its 40 and the next its 75. It feels strange to go from extra thick socks to flip flops. Do you have any tricks for making the transition easier?

//1. Haven Sandals 2. Sunglasses 3. Birkenstocks 4. Chambray Button Down 5. Steven Alan Blouse 6. JCrew Colorblock Baseball Cap 7. Zara Ballet Flats 8. La Garconne Top

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