How Do You Relax?


How do you relax when you feel overwhelmed with stress? Do you exercise? Call a friend? Watch a movie? As soon as I got home today I did a couple of things and I realized that I have a pattern when I want to relax…

I immediately put away a few things that were cluttering the house, lit a candle, opened the window, put some flowers in a vase, and made myself some tea. And when I was done I sat down and felt just a little bit better. They are simple things, but they have a lot of power in helping me deal with the normal stressors of life. Here are some tips and ideas for some simple relaxation.

1. Bake! Or cook something. Lately I’ve been making chicken pot pie using this great recipe from one of my favorite food blogs Minimalist Baker

2. Candles…can’t live without them. Capri Blue Volcano scented candle has been my favorite right now. Highly recommend for a fresh and sweet smell. And if DIY is your thing, here’s how to make some modern candle holders.

3. Open your windows! Apparently opening your windows can have some major benefits for you if you suffer from migraines. It helps air out your home from all the toxic fumes that build up over time as you do things indoor. Tyson and I sleep with our windows open even in winter and it feels so great to wake up to fresh air, even if it is a bit cold…

4. Buy, plant, or arrange some flowers. I love gardening and potting plants but I’m not the best at keeping them alive…and not everyone has a plot of land to garden in. I tend to stick with succulents or cacti, you know, the plants that can get by without you for a bit. And there’s always fresh flowers from the supermarket! Here are three fun ways to arrange flowers from Cup Of Jo

Source// 1. Pot Pie Recipe 2. DIY Candle Holders 3. open windows 4. Jo Flowers

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