Watkins Glen, NY




Last weekend Tyson and I took a spontaneous trip to his hometown, Watkins Glen, to surprise his mom for her 60th birthday. No one knew we were coming so we had to figure out where they would be celebrating her birthday. We went to his brothers new house and saw that there were birthday decorations out on the deck, but no one was out there. So we rang the doorbell and peaked through the window and everyone saw us and started screaming! It was so funny to see our nieces slightly confused and then REALLY excited.

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Our Wedding Day


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This is my husband. Its a honor to be married to him, to get to experience life with him, to see things differently because of him. In just one year of marriage we have experienced incredible things together; some scary, some sad, and some completely joyous. I have been grateful for every minute of it because it has brought us closer together in ways I could never imagine. Not to mention he turned me into a morning person, something I didn’t think was ever possible.

These are our wedding photos taken by our talented friend John Pope. He was kind enough to allow me to edit them myself (the closest you can get to being the photographer at your own wedding, I suppose). The best part about our wedding day was that it felt so wonderfully normal. Nothing was over sensationalized. I put on my dress and zipped it up and that was that. I wore my normal amount of makeup. Tyson didn’t wear a tie. Its not hard for me to go back to that day and remember the feeling of it because it felt so true to who we are. I’m so happy to finally be able to share some of these moments with you.  Continue reading





jumpsutis1Jumpsuits seem to be all the rage right now. I’m curious, would you wear one? I’m not sure I would be fashionable enough to pull one off but I have to admit that the simplicity really appeals to me. Get up late in the morning and don’t want to stress about pairing a top to a skirt or shorts? Need to be on the move and so a dress just won’t cut it? Throw on your jumpsuit! Voila! Cute outfit in under 2 seconds. I think the examples above are classy and feminine.


If I really did try this trend I’d go with something like this. Simple enough that it looks like normal shorts and a top. And I think some geometric shapes on your accesories would add some fun! Plus, for 22 bucks, you don’t have to majorly invest in a trend that might not last to next year.


//1. Kate Romper 2. Zara Sleeveless 3. Crepe Long Jumpsuit 4. Parker 5. Zara Indigo 6. Steven Alan Crossover Jumpsuit
My Picks// 1. Navy Sleeveless Jumper 2.Madewell Medina Transport Tote 3. Lapis Curio Ring 4. Steven Alan Douglas Sunglasses