jumpsutis1Jumpsuits seem to be all the rage right now. I’m curious, would you wear one? I’m not sure I would be fashionable enough to pull one off but I have to admit that the simplicity really appeals to me. Get up late in the morning and don’t want to stress about pairing a top to a skirt or shorts? Need to be on the move and so a dress just won’t cut it? Throw on your jumpsuit! Voila! Cute outfit in under 2 seconds. I think the examples above are classy and feminine.


If I really did try this trend I’d go with something like this. Simple enough that it looks like normal shorts and a top. And I think some geometric shapes on your accesories would add some fun! Plus, for 22 bucks, you don’t have to majorly invest in a trend that might not last to next year.


//1. Kate Romper 2. Zara Sleeveless 3. Crepe Long Jumpsuit 4. Parker 5. Zara Indigo 6. Steven Alan Crossover Jumpsuit
My Picks// 1. Navy Sleeveless Jumper 2.Madewell Medina Transport Tote 3. Lapis Curio Ring 4. Steven Alan Douglas Sunglasses



2 thoughts on “Jumpsuits?

  1. I would wear one! But not long pants, like maybe capris. Cause it kinda looks like a onesie from the back. And the waist would have to be synched or break it up some how. Just wanted to volunteer my reaction to jumpers.

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