Watkins Glen, NY




Last weekend Tyson and I took a spontaneous trip to his hometown, Watkins Glen, to surprise his mom for her 60th birthday. No one knew we were coming so we had to figure out where they would be celebrating her birthday. We went to his brothers new house and saw that there were birthday decorations out on the deck, but no one was out there. So we rang the doorbell and peaked through the window and everyone saw us and started screaming! It was so funny to see our nieces slightly confused and then REALLY excited.

We (okay, mainly me) needed a weekend away from the city so it was the perfect little getaway. We didn’t do anything too special, just a lot of sleeping in and sitting on the deck and grilling food. Wouldn’t it be so nice to have a house in the country? You could have bonfires and let your kids play outside all day long and star gaze at night. Maybe thats just my dream, but I think it would be so peaceful.



NK4A7885My nephew wouldn’t let go of my mother-in-law’s “60” balloon


NK4A7907Sometimes I force him to get in front of the camera

NK4A7909And then this happens…







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