Wearing This//Going Here: Joshua Tree, CA


Tyson and I are going to the desert on Thursday! I’m beyond ready for a bit of a vacation, even if its a short one. We decided to go to Joshua Tree, CA to celebrate our one year anniversary and spend some time together way out in nature. I’ve never been to the desert and quite frankly after the winter we had here in Pittsburgh I’m ready for some serious sun and heat. We found a great place through Airbnb thats only a few minutes from Joshua Tree National Park. Did you know that Joshua trees don’t grow anywhere else in the world? And U2 also has an album called Joshua Tree. And thats about all I got for Joshua Tree facts.

So this round of Wearing This & Going Here I’m featuring things I’ll actually be packing. Comfortable sandals are a must for walking around the “downtown” area of Joshua Tree and of course exploring the park, so even though Tyson hates my Birkenstocks there’s no way I’d leave them behind. And a couple of shirt dresses and nice shorts should do the trick. Jcrew has a really great sale going on for their chino shorts collection, so jump on it! We’re probably going to be doing a lot of hiking and so a good water bottle is key. And that’s it folks! Super simple.

Wearing// 1. Madewell Bien Fait sweatshirt 2. JCrew water bottle 3. Timex Weekender watch 4. Target Striped shirt dress 5. Birkenstock Black Arizona sandals 6. JCrew Chino shorts

Destination// Joshua Tree, California






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