Wearing This//Going Here


I’m spending this week in southern, hot, sunny New Orleans with my best friend Kate. She picked me up from the airport last Friday (after a harrowing flight through the storm, yikes) and we tried to think back to the last time we saw each other and we realized it had been LAST YEAR at my wedding! Thats the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other, which is a pretty big deal since we’ve been friends now for about 20 (!!!) years.

I’ve been to New Orleans once before, back in 2008, as part of a project to help with the hurricane relief. So I didn’t really get to see much of this amazing city. This time around we’re doing it all. Eating fried catfish, going to festivals, touring the graveyards, and visiting our friend John Goodman’s house (duh!).

I’m a huge fan of the weather here right now. Its hot and sticky and PERFECT for a weeklong vacation from your own dark, cold, cloudy steel city. Kate and I have been scouring the stores and streets (literally stopping people on the street) to find the perfect jumpsuit, but alas, we have found nothing so far. But I’m still dreaming of walking the city streets in a sleek black jumpsuit and straw hat.

Wearing// 1. Black Jumpsuit 2. Arena Cuff 3. Leif Straw Hat 4. Jcrew Downing Tote 5. Swedish Hasbeens Suzanne Sandal
Destination// New Orleans, La. Photo by me.

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