Wearing This//Going Here: New York City


There is a song performed by Billie Holiday called Autumn In New York and the lyrics go a little something like,

“Autumn in New York

Why does it seem so inviting?

Autumn in New York

It spells the thrill of first-nighting”

Nevermind what “first-nighting” is, the song nails it; there’s just something about New York in the fall. Its thrilling and inviting and just plain fun. For my 16th birthday my family took me to NYC to celebrate and since my birthday falls right after Christmas and just before New Years the city always felt extra magical. It became a little tradition to take a day trip to the city on my birthday each year and peruse the art museums and eat at good restaurants. So when the weather starts to change it reminds me of trips to the big apple. Tyson and I have some good friends who just moved to Queens and I’m so excited at the thought of visiting them in the city this fall.

How about you? What makes you think of fall?

Destination// New York, New York
Wearing// 1. ASOS Wide Brim Stenson Felt Hat 2. La Garconne Raquel Allegra Long Tee Dress 3. NARS Pure Matte Lipstick Bangkok 4. Madewell Cluster Ring 5. Cenise Leather Bucket Bag 6.FREEBIRD by Steven Double Zip Booties



Wearing This//Going Here: Joshua Tree, CA


Tyson and I are going to the desert on Thursday! I’m beyond ready for a bit of a vacation, even if its a short one. We decided to go to Joshua Tree, CA to celebrate our one year anniversary and spend some time together way out in nature. I’ve never been to the desert and quite frankly after the winter we had here in Pittsburgh I’m ready for some serious sun and heat. We found a great place through Airbnb thats only a few minutes from Joshua Tree National Park. Did you know that Joshua trees don’t grow anywhere else in the world? And U2 also has an album called Joshua Tree. And thats about all I got for Joshua Tree facts.

So this round of Wearing This & Going Here I’m featuring things I’ll actually be packing. Comfortable sandals are a must for walking around the “downtown” area of Joshua Tree and of course exploring the park, so even though Tyson hates my Birkenstocks there’s no way I’d leave them behind. And a couple of shirt dresses and nice shorts should do the trick. Jcrew has a really great sale going on for their chino shorts collection, so jump on it! We’re probably going to be doing a lot of hiking and so a good water bottle is key. And that’s it folks! Super simple.

Wearing// 1. Madewell Bien Fait sweatshirt 2. JCrew water bottle 3. Timex Weekender watch 4. Target Striped shirt dress 5. Birkenstock Black Arizona sandals 6. JCrew Chino shorts

Destination// Joshua Tree, California






Wearing This//Going Here

wtgh3Tyson came home from South Africa this weekend and I am a happy girl. Plus I got presents. I was a little envious of his sun tan and the fact that he got to spend a couple weeks in weather above 30 degrees though. So now I am day dreaming about going to Cape Town and soaking in the sun, anyone with me? Not to mention the fact that I am more than ready to break out the sandals and tank tops and put away my winter boots. Here’s to dreaming…

To Wear// 1. Chiffon Tank 2. JCrew Tote 3. Madewell Clogs 4. Gold Geometric Ring

Destination// Cape Town, South Africa


Wearing This//Going Here


I’m not big into Valentine’s day and I’ve never really gone out of my way to wear anything pink or red or glittery on February 14th. But thats not to say that I won’t use it as an excuse to go out and get dressed up.  This year while our husbands are off traveling the world my good friend Kira (who happens to live right downstairs) and I are going to see the Pittsburgh Ballet perform Swan Lake along with the orchestra. I am beyond excited. I went through a ballet kick a few years ago, taking classes at the ballet theater. I loved it even though I had absolutely no grace or coordination. Since then I have a newfound respect and admiration for dancers and the incredible things they can accomplish; its pure beauty.

I put together a bit of an ideal wardrobe for going to see the ballet. The only item I actually own here is the Essie nail polish (currently wearing it) and I thought it might be a little refreshing to see something other than a pink or red polish. I especially love that gold bangle which has the words “Heart of Gold” inscribed on it, channeling Neil Young, one of my husbands favorite musicians (we had our first dance to Harvest Moon). So thats about as romantic as I get with Valentine’s day. But I hope if you celebrate it you are enjoying it with the people you love.

Can’t wait to admire all the ballerinas who can nail those pirouettes in a way I never could…


To Wear// 1. Tweed coat 2. Snake Heel Shoe 3. Bangle 4. Essie polish- Stylenomics 5. Mittens
Destination// Pittsburgh Ballet



Wearing This//Going Here


I know I’ve been down about winter lately and seeing as we’ve got a ways to go before the tulips start popping up, I thought I’d better get my act together and enjoy winter a bit more. So to get myself in the mood I put together a little collection of items to wear and a fun destination to wear them to. I think wintering in Prague wouldn’t be quite so bad…

To Wear// 1. Beige Mohair Sweater 2. Mociun Hexagon Ring 3. Pendleton Bag 4. Cable Knit Beanie
Destination// Prague image here